Overstock Unveils 17 Private Label Brands


Overstock has unveiled 17 exclusive private label furniture brands, featuring more than 16,000 furniture and home décor products. The company says  the new brands will allow its customers to mix and match furniture across both style and price to achieve a unique look for their home something that 82 percent of consumers want, according to a recent consumer survey by Overstock.

Kelsey Byrne, director of private label brands, said in a press release, “Consumers are constantly bombarded with the latest trends to follow, and we found that a majority (89 percent) simply want to shop the looks they like instead, regardless of whether it’s on trend. We built these private label collections to give shoppers the opportunity to find products that speak to them on any budget and style, because we think style is beautiful when it’s uniquely yours.”

After studying data from the more than 7 million items available on its website, Overstock was able to identify styles and products its consumers were seeking most. The company then partnered with its leading home décor suppliers to bring these exclusive pieces to life.

Brands, introduced through the new selection, include The Gray Barn, Carson Carrington Home, and Laurel Creek.

Through the site’s mobile app, shoppers can easily search for products based on style and budget, as well as utilize augmented reality to preview new products alongside their existing furniture.

According to Retail Dive, the announcement comes as Overstock is looking for a buyer. Founder and CEO Patrick Byrne said earlier this month that the ideal candidate to acquire the company would be an established retailer with online operations that are behind the curve.

Instead of retail, Overstock is now focused on the company’s blockchain trading platform subsidiary tZERO. According to executives last week in a first-quarter conference call, the company is working with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to bring blockchain into the mainstream.