BounceX Rolls Out SMS Marketing Offering

SMS on phone

To help merchants recover lost pandemic revenues, BounceX said it is making its SMS marketing offering available to new customers. The company, which will be called Wunderkind in the near future, opens a new channel for merchants seeking to bolster online shopping revenue to offset pandemic losses, according to an announcement.

“We’ve developed the first SMS marketing product that’s built for enterprise,” BounceX CEO Ryan Urban said in the announcement. “Email and SMS are complementary marketing channels. While email typically focuses on top-of-the-funnel leads, SMS will help retailers to forge deeper connections with customers further along in the sales process.”

The company says its proprietary technology assisted leading online shopping firms and publishers unlock an average of 9 percent in additional revenue. Its product comes with over 15 proprietary one-to-one message categories. And the company says that SMS product, on average, powers a 7 percent to 10 percent rise in eCommerce revenue for rollout partners in an experimental phase.

“The unique value of our consumer level identity and scale of data has led to impressive results across our client launch partners,” BounceX Chief Technology Officer Mamdouh Alramadan said in the announcement. “We’re already seeing SMS and triggered email combined contributing over 19% of total revenue, with over 10% coming from SMS alone. We’re excited to see where we can get that number in the short term.”

In separate news, Postscript brought in $4.5 million in funding to help Shopify users stay in touch with consumers via SMS per reports in December. Accomplice led the round that was also backed by Kayak Co-founder Paul English as well as Wufoo Co-Founder Kevin Hale.

Postscript is made to help online shopping companies (as of the reports, Shopify shops) link up with current shoppers through SMS. Its Shopify plugin lets store owners operate SMS marketing campaigns with shoppers who have chosen to opt in, engage in conversations with responding users and examine the data to discover what works.