Buybuy Baby CEO Shares What Went Wrong and What They’re Changing

Earlier this year, the baby retailer buybuy BABY closed and liquidated 115 locations due to the bankruptcy of its parent company, Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Nevertheless, under new ownership, the once-troubled brand is staging a comeback. Today, buybuy BABY is reemerging with 11 stores, a revamped website, and a fresh business strategy. 

In an interview with PYMNTS, buybuy BABY CEO Pete Daleiden discusses what the retailer has been up since the bankruptcy, what it’s looking to do differently this time around and how it’s tackling the holiday season to resonate with consumers once again.  

“We moved very quickly to bring our brand back to the market and go live as soon as we possibly could,” Daleiden says. “There’s a huge love for our brand to drive us to do something in a speed that we’ve never done before. The communities have been clamoring for us to come back — vendors, business partners. So, we moved very quickly.” 

Daleiden says that buybuy BABY is undergoing a transformation, positioning itself as a startup and envisioning a revitalized beginning for the business. Daleiden says the strategy for reentering the market offers a glimpse into what lies ahead.  

Where Buybuy BABY Is Starting Over

Daleiden says the 11 store leases are in the Northeast, from New York to Virginia, aiming to leverage the company’s strengths in this market. 

Daleiden notes that buybuy BABY is shifting gears to spotlight brands that boast substantial customer approval and hold top positions in the market. In this strategy shift, the retailer is forging partnerships with these brands and crafting distinctive displays inspired by the brands’ insights.  

Daleiden says the expertise of these brands will play a vital role in aiding customers through the often-overwhelming journey of young parenthood. The focus is on offering guidance to new parents, harnessing the knowledge of both brands and store team members, in addition to information available on the company’s site and content. 

Customers can anticipate a more thoughtfully curated assortment that “features the best brands” and emphasizes specific categories that better position buybuy BABY as the go-to destination for all things baby. 

“Historically, we haven’t emphasized brands extensively. However, recently, we took a select number of our stores and integrated their unique and elevated branding experiences,” Daleiden says. 

Daleiden also shares that buybuy BABY is elevating its services including integrating educational elements to engage consumers. 

Moreover, Daleiden says buybuy BABY is streamlining the overall shopping experience, from in-store systems to online checkout processes. Daleiden points out that the company has overhauled its checkout process to a more straightforward and user-friendly system. 

“We transitioned from a complex seven or eight-step checkout process,” Daleiden says, explaining that under its previous ownership, the company was constrained by predetermined software and bound to specific customer experiences. 

Daleiden says the recent launch of an overhauled website signifies the beginning of its technological transformation, emphasizing a focus on customizing the experience specifically for new parents. 

Buybuy BABY’s Game Plan

Buybuy BABY’s return to the retail landscape comes in time for the holiday season. Daleiden says the baby retailer’s Black Friday event boasts competitive deals on top brands and a gift assortment in the toy section and other categories.  

When asked by PYMNTS about whether its comeback amid a season of substantial discounts would create new expectations from customers, Daleiden emphasized that although customers may anticipate discounts, he is confident that the company can maintain its dedication to transforming into a premium specialty retail destination. 

“The immediacy of the current state, both today and this week, exists within a competitive environment which is normal for this time period,” Daleiden says. “Our goal is to encourage our guests to return and shop at buybuy BABY and provide a well-rounded experience that stands out as the best destination for all things baby.”