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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Encryption Edition

Just when the news cycle appeared to indicate that the encryption debate had simmered a bit, the FBI director reminded everyone that the debate was, in fact, just starting.

FBI Director James Comey said this week that more litigation looms over devices that are mobile and consumer-oriented and that encryption remains a form of “essential tradecraft” among terrorist groups.

In terms of what data has been shared on the subject, PYMNTS gathered some data for today's 5-in-1 Daily Data Dive.

$1 million+ | How much the DOJ paid to have the iPhone unlocked in the San Bernardino case.

4,000 | The number of devices that have been examined by the FBI in the past few months.

1,000 | The number of open investigations the FBI has into people possibly linked to terrorist organizations.

500 | The number of devices that the FBI has been able to unlock out of the 4,000 attempted.

8 | Number of companies on the FTC's checklist that it wants security checks on regarding how they handle device security.

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