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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: VK.Com Hacking Details

Recently released details show that another social media network was hit by a massive data breach, a trend that appears to be all too common today.

The latest company to be hit is, which is the largest social media network in Europe. While this hack actually occurred between 2012-2013, the hackers have just recently tried to sell the stolen credentials on the dark web.

For today's Daily Data Dive, PYMNTS gathered the need-to-know facts about the recently released information about the major social media breaches.

171 Million | The number of user accounts that a hacker obtained from the site.

350+ Million | The approximate number of users.

76 | The number of languages is available in.

9 | How many years has existed since launching on Oct. 10, 2006.

$578 | How much (approximately 1 bitcoin) a small subset of the database is selling for on the dark web.

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