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Always “Plugged-In” Becoming The Norm

New data released by CivicScience indicates that almost 70 percent of gadget users unplug from their electronic tethers once a week or less. Some users can’t ever get quite that much distance, almost half (43 percent) report that “unplugged” is not something that ever occurs for them.

The study found further that some people were more likely to be owned by their smartphone than others. Tech workers and arts and entertainment enthusiasts are the most likely to be wired up at all times—while those who reported sleeping well at night were also those most likely to report letting their cell phone do the same.

Only 20 percent of users unplug every day and young adults (18-24) do not unplug at all. People 55 and older, and those under the age of 13, routinely unplug once a day—though it may be the case that the former is a case of choice and the latter a case of parental enforcement.



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