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LTK Adds Community Engagement Features to Creator Commerce Platform

LTK has added Shopper Profiles, Comments and Subscribe to its Creator Commerce platform.

These new features are designed to foster community engagement at a time when creators say that they’re less confident they can reach their community on social media, LTK said in a Tuesday (March 26) press release.

“As social media platforms focus more on entertainment than community building, creators are looking for new ways to build trust,” Kit Ulrich, general manager of the Creator Shopping Platform at LTK, said in the release. “That is why LTK is evolving to focus on being a community engagement platform, fueling that essential connection with their community while empowering creators to grow their business.”

The new Shopper Profiles feature lets shoppers create a username and profile picture on LTK for the first time, according to the release. This feature is designed to enable creators to know who they are engaging with, personalize their responses and deepen their relationships with their followers.

In another update to the platform, LTK now enables creators to share direct LTK product links within Comments on their posts, the release said. This enhancement is meant to make it easier for creators to answer questions and direct shoppers to a particular product within the creator’s LTK Shop.

A third new feature, Subscribe, enables shoppers to subscribe to a creator’s content by tapping an icon in the creator’s LTK Shop, per the release. When they subscribe, shoppers will be notified whenever that creator posts new looks, recommendations, sales or other content.

“LTK is evolving — focusing on community building to help creators grow their businesses,” the press release said.

Many of the creators on the LTK platform are highly skilled entrepreneurs who have developed inventive approaches to strengthen their rapport with their followers, Ulrich told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in October 2023.

For example, some creators strategically unveil products to their most loyal community first, creating a sense of exclusivity and encouraging their most dedicated followers to make purchases promptly, Ulrich said.

“Our platform is completely built for all of the creators that we have on it,” Ulrich added.