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LTK Adds New, Longer-Format Videos to Commerce Platform for Creators

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LTK now offers new, longer-format videos on its commerce platform for creators.

The company has also added a new Products Tab and Link Optimization technology, LTK said in a Tuesday (April 30) press release.

“We continue to invest in improving our tech and designing experiences that are seamless, intuitive and get creators credit so they can be as economically successful as possible,” Kit Ulrich, general manager of LTK’s Creator Shopping Platform, said in the release.

In one update to the platform, LTK now allows creators to add videos to their Storytelling Posts on their LTK shop. They can upload up to 10 one-minute videos to a carousel designed to capture the attention of shoppers and share more in-depth content, according to the release.

“Shoppers clearly prefer the richer storytelling and additional context that video provides, with shoppers purchasing 2X more on video posts than non-video posts,” the company said in the release. “Video posts on LTK on average generate 64% more click-outs to purchase than a single image.”

Another new addition, the Products Tab, showcases all the products a creator has posted, in one place, at the top of the creator’s LTK Shop, the release said. The Products Tab also includes an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search function to help shoppers find what they’re looking for, automatic updates that sort the products by what’s trending, and visibility of the creator’s posts that contain the tagged products.

The third update to the LTK platform, Link Optimization, provides a more efficient LTK app-to-retailer app click-out process that is designed to give shoppers a more seamless experience and to ensure that creators get credit and commissions for the sales they drive, per the release.

“This is the first wave of updates this spring that will drive a meaningful difference for shoppers and creators,” Ulrich said in the release.

Creators wield significant influence in commerce by recommending products and inspiring their followers’ choices, Ulrich told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in October 2023.

“Our platform is completely built for all of the creators that we have on it,” Ulrich said. “In fact, one of the reasons that I love — and we love — being at LTK is that we are all here at this company to help our creators make the most money possible.”

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