Omni Usage Index

Omni Usage Index™

The Omni Usage Index™, powered by Vantiv, measures consumer satisfaction with various omnichannel purchasing features at grocery stores, focusing on how shoppers feel about retail brand offerings across multiple channels. The Index is based on a survey of more than 4,000 consumers regarding their most recent trip to the grocery store. We asked them questions about their shopping experiences, their knowledge of various omnichannel features offered by the grocer, whether they used these features and how they felt about them.


41.0 vs. 34.6: Average satisfaction score for omnichannel features in large stores vs. small stores on a scale of zero to 100

36.9 vs. 37.9: Average consumer satisfaction score for digital stores vs. brick-and-mortar stores on a scale of zero to 100

56%: Percentage of consumers visiting large stores who are aware of available mobile apps

33%: Percentage of consumers who have not made an online purchase in the last three months

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