PYMNTS Zillennials Report July 2024 Banner and MetaMask Partner to Streamline Adoption of Crypto Payments and MetaMask partnered to enable seamless and secure cryptocurrency payments.

The new partnership includes an integration of’s crypto payment solution, Pay, with MetaMask’s self-custodial platform, the companies said in a Tuesday (April 9) press release.

The integration is currently live in the United Kingdom and the European Union and will expand next to West Africa, according to the release. The rollout plan is prioritizing regions with high crypto adoption rates.

“By leveraging our existing pool of over 40 million verified users, we’re enabling them to transact with crypto directly within their MetaMask Wallets, eliminating the need for repetitive [know your customer (KYC)] processes,” CEO Peter Smith said in the release.

Lorenzo Santos, senior product manager at Consensys, the company that developed MetaMask, added that the integration will make crypto “more approachable and less complicated.”

“This will help more people access crypto in a seamless and self-custodial manner by offering more buying options with service providers they already use and trust,” Santos said.

The partnership will enable streamlined onboarding, as the existing KYC verification of’s user base will allow new MetaMask users to transact after a few clicks, according to the release.

For businesses and developers looking to integrate a crypto payment solution, Pay enables them to do so with a few lines of code, the release said. The solution also delivers a seamless user experience for their customers and the ability to accept payments in cryptocurrency from an international audience.

“ is constantly innovating its KYC processes, with a focus on minimizing hurdles for users while adhering to regulations,” the release said. “This includes exploring innovative solutions like no-document KYC processes coming soon.”

It was reported in November that partnered with SoFi to offer crypto services to SoFi’s customers when that company exited the cryptocurrency business. SoFi told its customers they would either need to liquidate their accounts or move their funds to

As for MetaMask, the company announced in February that it integrated its platform with that of Robinhood to make it easier for users to access Web3. The integration allows customers to buy cryptocurrency through Robinhood’s low-cost order engine.

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