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Universal Music Group and Partners Monetize Music on Roblox

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Universal Music Group (UMG), Republic Records and Styngr partnered on a solution that helps music labels curate, distribute and monetize music across the Roblox platform.

The new solution, Boombox, helps music labels launch playlists and integrate them into the gaming space, the companies said in a Monday (March 18) press release.

“As we continue to build creative marketing and innovative concepts for our artists, it’s important to identify fan connections and elevate their experiences with new technologies,” Tim Hrycyshyn, senior vice president of digital strategy at Republic Records, said in the release. “This Boombox partnership was a logical next step in helping fans discover the music they love, all the while, ensuring artists are properly recognized for their art in this space.”

Roblox is a gaming platform with a record 68 million average daily active users contributing to $3.5 billion in bookings last year. Fifty-eight percent of its users are 16 or younger.

Boombox works via Stynger’s ad-supported portable music player, which also augments the digital personas of players in Roblox, according to the Monday press release.

The solution will launch within Republic’s TWICE Square, which is the most visited music experience in Roblox history, the release said. Boombox will then be rolled out in a phased fashion across other experiences on Roblox, reaching 3,500 experiences over the next year.

With Boombox, players can share music, per the release. Each time they collectively enjoy the music, the playback is a monetizable event for the contributing labels and artists. The solution also helps developers and advertisers reach new audiences across Roblox.

“This integration not only enhances super-fan experiences on the platform but does so with an extensive array of fully licensed music from UMG’s global roster of artists and labels, setting a new standard for how music can be integrated into the platform for the entire sector,” Alvaro G. Velilla, senior vice president of new business at UMG, said in the release.

In another development in the gaming space, said in December that it launched a proprietary eCommerce platform that allows product placement and advertising within virtual gaming worlds like Roblox and Fortnite. Players can scan branded items, claim offers and earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.