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Visa and Skipify Link ‘Click to Pay’ and Digital Wallet

Visa and Skipify Link ‘Click to Pay’ and Digital Wallet

Visa and Skipify partnered to streamline consumers’ checkout experience with Skipify’s next-generation digital wallet.

The collaboration will enable Skipify customers in a growing number of global markets to link Visa Click to Pay cards with their Skipify Connected Wallet, the companies said in a Thursday (April 4) press release.

When this direct connection is enabled, Skipify’s identity-powered wallet will recognize the Visa Click to Pay cardholder on a merchant’s website, surface available cards more seamlessly and deliver a more frictionless checkout experience, according to the release.

“We’re empowering merchants with an unparalleled checkout experience,” Skipify founder and CEO Ryth Martin said in the release. “Merchants can authorize more shoppers automatically, drive revenue and ultimately earn more shopper lifetime value.”

Skipify’s Connected Checkout is designed to enable merchants to deliver better purchasing experiences on websites, in stores and across marketing channels, according to the release.

The company’s digital wallet is embedded by merchants to solve challenges consumers often face at checkout, thereby increasing the rate of conversion, the release said.

The partnership with Visa through the Visa Digital Commerce Program will help advance this mission as well as minimize the risk of fraud and provide a more secure payment environment by using Visa’s network tokenization technology, per the release.

“We’re empowering businesses with convenient and secure ways to accept payments, giving them the opportunity to enrich consumer experiences and get even closer to their shoppers,” Mark Nelsen, senior vice president of regional product and innovation at Visa, said in the release.

In March, Skipify partnered with consumer finance company Synchrony. The companies said they will use Skipify’s payment infrastructure to provide simplified and enhanced checkout for Synchrony cardholders. The partnership will see Skipify add Synchrony Mastercard to its digital wallet.

In August, Skipify launched a partnership with American Express, saying this collaboration lets American Express customers link their cards with participating merchants, eliminating the need for shoppers to manually enter their payment and billing details. The partnership between these two companies is an offshoot of Skipify’s two-year relationship with Amex Ventures, which has invested in Skipify.