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Voyant Introduces Wealth Management Tool for Enterprise Customers

Wealth management solutions provider Voyant has debuted a tool for its enterprise clients.

Voyant Wellness, announced Thursday (Nov. 9), is a “module-based solution” that lets companies offer clients tools to help them plan their financial futures.

“Financial wellness begins by providing people personalized services designed to meet their goals,” David Kaufman, CEO of Voyant, said in a news release.

“With Voyant Wellness, we are offering the enterprise market a digital-first way to interact with their clients and provide configurable financial tools and services that can be personalized according to business needs. Our goal is to help enterprise companies leverage technology and data to unlock financial success for their clients.”

According to the release, Voyant Wellness is designed for companies that include banks, private banks and wealth management firms.

It includes “customizable module-based solutions” — such as standalone calculators, account aggregation, and simplified goal planning — that can be integrated into a company’s brand and internal tools and can be used by clients or employees.

“Voyant Wellness can be accessed from corporate intranets, employer benefit sites, or as part of direct-to-consumer digital solutions,” the release said. “In each situation, as consumers engage with the various financial wellness modules, the information collected can be used for lead generation, client segmentation, and target marketing.”

Last month, PYMNTS looked at some of the companies — FinTechs especially — that are using the technology that captivates younger consumers to teach them financial literacy skills.

“Through customized services, these firms are introducing youths to financial management, at a time when young consumers are seeking financial knowledge from diverse sources, including social media, financial education apps/tools, family, friends, as well as traditional channels like bank branches and financial advisers,” PYMNTS wrote.

As covered in “The New Challenges Facing Finance: Algorithms, Finfluencers and the Quest for Reliability,” the latest installment of PYMNTS Intelligence’s Digital-First Banking Tracker® Series, these products can not only set the stage for responsible money management but also help families make the most of their financial resources.

For example, there’s Till Financial, a company focused on collaborative family banking. Last month, this FinTech announced that it had joined forces with Astra, an infrastructure provider for faster payments, to provide financial solutions designed for families as part of “Till’s mission of empowering kids and teens to become smarter spenders.”