What You Don’t Know About New Chargeback Rule Changes Can Hurt You

What You Don’t Know About New Chargeback Rule Changes Can Hurt You

To combat the changing world of dispute and fraud related chargebacks, sweeping regulatory changes are being made to chargeback processing rules. These new rules include changes to the chargeback reason codes (some are going away!), the timeframe allowed to represent (reduction from 45 days to 30!), and representment process changes.

These new regulations go into effect in April 2018 and all stakeholders (Merchants, Issuers, Acquirers and Processors) need to be informed and ready to move forward.

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The Details

Date: January 30th at 1:00pm EST

Guests: Julie Fergerson, SVP Industry Solutions at Ethoca and Mike Pullen, Representment Specialist at Ethoca

This webinar will provide an overview of these changes as well as key insights from payments industry experts.  Specific topics covered during this session include:

  • Overview of Visa and Mastercard Chargeback Rule Changes
  • Key Insights in Liability Shifts, Fee Structures and Merchant Impact
  • Use Cases and Best Practices for Top Dispute and Fraud Reason Codes
  • Purging the System of Unwanted Chargebacks/Representments Including Friendly Fraud Focus
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