Prescription App Provider Ranking Sees a Contender Gain 14 Points

With just the right mixture of app usage data and publicly available information, PYMNTS formulates solutions for those who are looking for apps that meet their needs, including the monthly Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps.

Among this month’s top 10, there’s a returning champion — again with a perfect score — as well as a mover and shaker that has improved its score by 14 points.

Now, let’s read the details.

The Top 5

Topping the list with a perfect score of 100 is GoodRX. This app was ranked No. 1 last month too.

Ten points behind is SingleCare, which again holds the runner-up spot with a score of 90.

Eleven points behind that is CVS Caremark. This app holds on to the No. 3 spot with a score of 79.

Moving up one position in the rankings since last month is RxSaver. With a score that’s 14 points higher than last time — now resting at 73 — this app is this month’s top mover and shaker.

Bumped out of that spot, OptumRx lands at No. 5. This app checks in with a score of 65 this month.

The Top 10

In another change of position, Publix Pharmacy gains a position in the rankings. With a score of 63, it now rests at No. 6.

Moving down from that spot is Express Scripts, which is now ranked seventh with a score of 58.

Running just two points behind that is RxLocal. With a score of 56, it holds the No. 8 position as it did last month.

Also holding the spot it had last month is ScriptSave. This app earns a score of 43.

Just one point back is Kroger Rx Savings Club. This app holds on to the No. 10 spot with a score of 42, rounding out the top 10 in this month’s Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps.