Artificial Intelligence


In the new study, The AI Gap, PYMNTS interviews executives at 200 FIs and analyzes over 12,800 data points. The research discovers that only 5.5 percent of banks actually use what experts call “true AI” to reduce false-positives and fight AML, as well as optimize credit and other payments and banking products. Get all the details here.


Using AI To Keep Issuers On The Right Side Of Credit Risk

As 2020 gets into full swing, artificial intelligence (AI) is in a peculiar position. It’s like that cool new kid everyone knows is coming to the party but has yet to show up. You can bet on its arrival during the 2020s though — at least according to the message sent as part of the […]

Mastercard On Overcoming AI’s Bias Problem

Savor this moment — these coming weeks, the next few months, the year or two that will follow. These are the last moments before artificial intelligence (AI) really starts to have a massive impact on one’s daily life, before the world really turns to AI. That is not meant to be mournful, or an expression […]

Can AI Pass The Nike Test?

There is often a significant gap between efficiency and creativity, and that’s playing out now in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), and could have impacts on payments and commerce. The first stop on this small tour of ongoing AI developments involves Nike, the iconic global shoe brand. Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec, who on his website […]

Brighterion On Unlocking The Full Potential Of AI’s Present And … Future For FIs

The real power of AI, Mastercard SVP and Head of Brighterion, Sudhir Jha told Karen Webster, is in offering solutions that dynamically respond to risks as they appear, without inserting stumble steps that slow down the customer’s front-end security.