Artificial Intelligence


In the new study, The AI Gap, PYMNTS interviews executives at 200 FIs and analyzes over 12,800 data points. The research discovers that only 5.5 percent of banks actually use what experts call “true AI” to reduce false-positives and fight AML, as well as optimize credit and other payments and banking products. Get all the details here.


What FIs Get (And Don’t Get) About AI

The jury is in. Almost every modern financial institution (FI) has at least one artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning system in place, and 61 percent intend to invest in more. The only question is: What learning systems will they choose to adopt? Among the many AI and machine learning systems available on the market, there […]

Mastercard: The Why Of The Ethoca Buy

In the quest to reduce false positives and chargebacks, and boost digital commerce for consumers, Mastercard is buying Ethoca. Johan Gerber, executive vice president of security and decision products, delves into the ways the newest deal rounds out data and AI acquisitions and leads to “connected decisions” that speed and smooth CNP transactions. 

What FIs Don’t Understand About AI And ML

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) aren’t part of a far-off future. They are here, and they are at the bank. In fact, 100 percent of modern financial institutions (FIs) use some type of AI, ML or other learning system in varying forms and capacities. Today, nearly 70.5 percent use data mining, and nearly 60 […]

Databases Don’t Store Intelligence — Getting Past AI Misconceptions

Artificial intelligence is making the leap from the imagination of sci-fi authors and computer scientists into consumer and corporate life. But even as the theories become reality, the general idea about AI — the lens through which the technology is viewed — often carries with it misconceptions and faulty assumptions that, over time, could impede […]

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