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In the new study, The AI Gap, PYMNTS interviews executives at 200 FIs and analyzes over 12,800 data points. The research discovers that only 5.5 percent of banks actually use what experts call “true AI” to reduce false-positives and fight AML, as well as optimize credit and other payments and banking products. Get all the details here.


Latest AI Playbook: Many FI Systems Are Too ‘Artificial’
Latest AI Playbook: Many FI Systems Are Too ‘Artificial’

For all the talk about artificial intelligence (AI) in financial circles at present – it seems everything is “AI-powered” – it turns out there’s a lot less genuine AI in place than we might have imagined. The March 2020 Unlocking AI Playbook: FI Edition, a PYMNTS and Brighterion collaboration, explains that while the use of […]

New Data: Share Of FIs Using AI Has Increased 70 Pct

There is scarcely a financial institution (FI) that does not claim to be using artificial intelligence (AI) in some capacity or other. Yet, these claims do not always rest on a solid foundation. What some banks purport to be AI is often lumped together with other less sophisticated computational systems or, in some cases, not […]

Mastercard: Using AI To Cure Healthcare’s $240B Fraud, Waste And Abuse Problem
Brighterion healthcare costs

Healthcare in the U.S. is a massive industry. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, $3.5 trillion — or roughly $11,000 per person — was spent in the U.S. in 2017 on healthcare services. By the year 2027, the expectation is that those costs will have swelled to $6 trillion annually or roughly $17,000 […]

Using AI To Keep Issuers On The Right Side Of Credit Risk

As 2020 gets into full swing, artificial intelligence (AI) is in a peculiar position. It’s like that cool new kid everyone knows is coming to the party but has yet to show up. You can bet on its arrival during the 2020s though — at least according to the message sent as part of the […]