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EKA Solutions and Verizon Connect Collaborate to Streamline Freight Operations

freight management

EKA Solutions, a provider of a cloud-based integrated freight management platform, has partnered with Verizon Connect to deliver integrated services to fleet customers. 

This collaboration aims to provide enhanced visibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to for-hire and private-fleet customers, EKA Solutions said in a Monday (Sept. 25) press release.

EKA Solutions is known for its EKA Omni-TMS platform, which offers a people-first approach to freight management, according to the press release. By integrating EKA Freight Management with Verizon Connect Telematics services, customers will have access to a suite of tools and data to streamline their operations.

The integration of EKA’s platform with Verizon Connect’s telematics and videomatics solutions will allow customers to access and analyze their data, the release said. This will enable them to improve productivity, operations visibility, compliance, operations de-risking and operations costs.

“EKA is excited to work with Verizon Connect, an undisputed leader in the telematics and videomatics solutions market,” JJ Singh, the founder and CEO of EKA Solutions, said. “Consistent with EKA’s vision to deliver plug-and-play freight management platform, this integration will make it easy for Omni-TMS and Verizon Connect customers to see all their data, get the highest business value from it, by taking action to be more efficient, reduce risk, change driver and employee behavior.” 

EKA Solutions provides a cloud-based SaaS digital freight ecosystem management platform called dFEMX that enables customers to manage their freight businesses and integrate with key service providers to deliver services, according to the press release.

Additionally, EKA offers the EKA Omni-TMS, a platform designed for small- to medium-sized broker, carrier and shipper businesses, the release said. This platform provides digital tools to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

Verizon has become a major player in the market for connected vehicle solutions. Verizon Connect, which was founded in 2018, develops products that help customers lower costs, promote driver safety and lower emissions.

Among the telematics-enabled solutions offers by Verizon Connect is a service that helps commercial fleets determine whether they can transition to electric vehicles. The firm does this by helping fleet managers analyze their current vehicles, the jobs they do and whether electric vehicles could do the same.

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