Neat Co. Adds Features to Bookkeeping Platform for Small Business

The Neat Company, which develops bookkeeping automation and document management tools for small businesses, has upgraded it financial management platform, a Neat press release said.

The press release said the new capabilities include more mobile features, simplifying the creation and management of invoices, giving a central view all bank accounts across financial institutions, and organize expenses and transactions. They can also edit account names, add notes and keep up with vendors, customers and bookkeeping tasks.

Other updates will improve transactions reporting, documents imaging and editing, report exporting by PDF and data exporting in CSV files.

“When I was a small business owner, I saw firsthand how bookkeeping can seem like a distraction, and learned that traditional small business accounting software can feel overwhelming, while homegrown spreadsheets were both limiting and time-consuming,” explains Garrett Baird, president and CEO of The Neat Company. “Neat recognized that, too, and has condensed and clarified the bookkeeping process into an uncomplicated and easy-to-use all-in-one platform designed specifically for small businesses.”

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PYMNTS wrote that another company working with accounting and finances, Finally, had raised $95 million in a funding round.

That money will be used to bolster the company’s workforce and debut a new corporate charge card to help out with small businesses.

Finally Co-Founder and CEO Felix Rodriguez called it “daunting” to run a small business, with various tasks like bookkeeping often distracting from actually running the business.

So he said the goal of Finally was to keep supporting small businesses.