Sony Revamps PlayStation Plus With 119 Titles in Subscription Tiers

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The PlayStation Plus subscription service will reportedly relaunch only in Asia for PlayStation and PC platforms for now, a report said, contrasting what the company initially said would happen.

Other region relaunches will happen, though not until June.

Sony has reportedly begun doing this in tiers. However, the announcement noted that there are 119 games coming to three “collections,” which will be available for the Premium tier at $15 per month.

The number could be seen as a disappointment — the report noted that it’s less than the 740 games the company promised before.

Sony will be combining the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into a single subscription family, which will help the company compete better with its rivals.

PlayStation Plus has enabled online multiplayer on consoles and added giveaways, while PlayStation Now has added downloadable and cloud-streamed game access, the report noted. The new subscription family reportedly makes it all into a tier system, with $10 a month getting users what had been known as PlayStation Plus, and $15 getting more features, with $18 a month adding more games on top of everything else.

PYMNTS wrote in March that Sony planned on launching its subscription version of PlayStation Plus, which was purported at that time to have “hundreds of games,” including “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” The feature was intended to debut in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

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The report said this wouldn’t come with any new releases, but users would be able to access various hit titles like “Returnal” and “God of War.” At the time, Sony said it wouldn’t be adding the newer games because it wants to preserve new game sales.