Westcon-Comstor Rolls Out Flexible Payments for IT Space

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Global technology provider and specialist distributor Westcon-Comstor is rolling out a flexible payment solution for the IT space to address the shift the tech industry has undergone from traditional resale models to subscription-based offerings, according to a press release Tuesday (May 17).

The company said Flexible Payment Solutions (Flex) offers flexible funding for the IT sector, aligning with the industry shift that has facilitated agility in digital transformation. Because of cash flow pressure, subscription services have largely been difficult for vendors and partners to offer at the same level to meet customer expectations, per the release. 

“If you’re not in the business of making your partners and customers successful, then you won’t be in business for very long,” said Andrew Allan, chairman of Cello, a New Zealand telco firm and an early Flex customer.

Cello adopted Flex during the height of the pandemic to help its clients grapple with cash flow problems.

“Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach, flexibility is critical to successfully adapting to market changes,” Allan said. “As New Zealand’s fastest-growing telco, we’re in a capital-intensive game and need to work with partners that are prepared to work in the best way that works for us and our clients.

“With its scale, experience and razor-sharp focus on partner success, nobody does it quite like Westcon-Comstor. During COVID Westcon-Comstor upped the ante and adapted its services to fit our specific needs.”

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Flex offers a range of payment solutions contracted and invoiced by Westcon-Comstor with no need for third-party billing or broker contractors, per the release. Partners and vendors can offer subscription-based solutions regardless of billing capabilities or their customers’ budgetary limitations.

As part of its broader Partner Success approach, Westcon-Comstor said Flex is “designed to enable long-term, sustainable success, profitability, and relevance in the growing as-a-service world.”