The Digital Drive


The new Digital Drive Report, a collaboration, asked 2,000 commuters about what connected commerce activities they engage in during their daily commutes to and from work – and what other types of purchasing decisions they would like make if connectivity was built into their vehicle.

The January 2018 Report

Key takeaways include:

135 million U.S. commuters annually spend $212 billion in commerce as they drive to and from their workplaces and homes.

40 percent of these commuter spend over $18.7 billion getting their daily caffeine fix, while 54 percent order-ahead and pay for food influencing $47.3 billion in commerce every year.

66 percent of commuters who make mobile order ahead purchases today would do so more often if in-vehicle commerce was available in their vehicle.

21 percent of commuters who do not currently connect to internet while commuting would be interested in owning a self-driving car.

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