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Today in Data: Delivery Dive

While the retail industry is undergoing its transformation, there’s one clear winner on both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce delivery services.

Today’s retail practically demands an easy delivery option. Whether it’s something that ran out of stock in the store and needs to be ordered or an online purchase, swift (and cheap) delivery is among one of the many things consumers have come to expect. As such, it should come as no surprise that Target has shared news of its acquisition of transportation technology company Grand Junction to help improve its delivery services. In addition to Target’s news, discount grocery chain Aldi is also getting into the game by partnering up with Instacart to test out home deliveries in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Here are the numbers:

$3.4 billion |  Amount Aldi plans to invest to bring increase its U.S. presence

2,500 | Total number of stores Aldi plans to expand to around the U.S.

1300 | Number of stores Aldi plans to remodel by 2018

700 | Number of Grand Junction carriers now available to Target

50 percent | Price point amount lower Aldi claims to be than other traditional grocery stores



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