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Speed Counts In Payments (Especially For Workers)

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Today, consumers routinely look at their phones to check and manage their bank accounts — a behavior that a mere decade ago would have seemed as strange as looking in the refrigerator to check on one’s car engine. What was exotic a short time ago is now par for the course, whether one is talking about banking, digital disbursements or even eCommerce transactions. That’s because, by the numbers, consumers continually have an affinity for the fastest, simplest route to whatever transaction they’re trying to complete — whether they’re buying something on Instagram or looking to get paid by Uber.



63 percent: The share of consumers who use digital banking services.

4: The number of main categories that make up the disbursement landscape according to First Data: alternative income payouts, government payouts, merchant payouts and employer payouts.

58 percent: The share of consumers who have participated in contextual commerce.

84 percent: The share of contextual commerce consumers who reviewed the experience highly.

23 percent: The share of Latino workers who plan to become full-time freelancers.


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