Today In Data

Making It Work — Wherever, Whenever

More than half of all drivers think they are better than average at driving — a fact that mathematical possibility cannot approve. Some of those people are certainly wrong but, though it is fun to judge, the fact is that knowing what one doesn’t know — and where to fill in the gaps — is not easy. It’s especially difficult when one is adapting to a new regulatory order, building to the API-driven future, creating a C-suite team or even underwriting a loan for a rarefied population like soldiers. Summer may be beginning, but for players in payments and commerce, the learning curve is steep and the education is ongoing.

72 hours: The amount of time firms have to report breaches under GDPR regulations.

70 percent: The share of humans who think they are above average drivers.

89 percent: The share of mortgages USAA can close on the requested close date.

92 percent: The share of European banks with a strategy to further deploy APIs.

86 percent: The share of Asian banks with a strategy to further deploy APIs.