Today In Data

Today In Data: Following The Spend To New Opportunities

When in doubt about what consumers or businesses want and need, follow the money. But look sharp, as banks and FIs everywhere are focused on moving the money both faster and farther. But consumers and businesses can always be relied upon to tell you what they like – usually by voting with their spend. It’s how we know consumers like Amazon Prime – and like Amazon better because they signed up for Prime. And it’s how we know that Americans really like being behind the wheel – and especially like paying less for the gas that keeps them there.


$613 billion: Value of global remittances in 2017.

$1 billion: The amount per day Americans spend collectively on gas.

70 percent: Share of consumers who shop online and make over $150,000 a year that are Prime members.

46 percent: Share of Amazon Prime customers who purchase something from the site once a week.

11 percent: Share of B2B transactions that take place via credit cards.