Today In Data

Using Better Data To Build Better Results

Using data more efficiently can solve all kinds of problems. According to Douglas Merrill, founder of ZestFinance, better data combined with machine learning could mean financial inclusion for the tens of millions underserved in the U.S today. For Amazon Business, it could point out the path to a whole new set of customers and understand how to best serve them. Used right, data and smarter artificial intelligence could help keep us safer, according to Socure CEO Tom Thimot, by building the right digital models to identify consumers consistently, quickly and correctly.

88 million: The number of consumers who are considered underbanked in the U.S.

85,000: The number of sellers on Amazon Business, Amazon’s B2B marketplace.

30 percent: The amount, on average, Socure can raise its merchants’ partners’ acceptance rate on transactions.

20 percent: The share of business supply spend not related to core corporate functions or regularly ordered from set suppliers.

<1 second: How long it takes Socure to evaluate and approve or deny a transaction.