Connected Consumers And The Future Of Commerce

Connected Consumers And The Future Of Commerce

Connected devices are contextualizing commerce for consumers as they go about their daily lives, and bridge millennials provide profound insights into the future of connected commerce. In subscriptions, it seems MoviePass has finally come to its last reel – and, separately, consumers don’t want to encounter any friction with recurring payments. And in retail, restaurants have discovered that frictionless mobile ordering experiences are essential to keeping customers satisfied. All this, Today in Data.


57 percent: Share of B2C subscription retailers reporting a churn rate of 2.9 percent or less.

31 percent: Portion of consumers who report owning voice-activated devices.

23 percent: Projected share of U.S. smartphone users who will utilize food delivery apps by 2023.

$9.99: MoviePass’ monthly fee that would allow a subscriber to see a new movie in a theater every day.

6: Average number of connected devices owned by bridge millennials.