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Enabling A World Of Faster Disbursements

Enabling A World Of Faster Disbursements

Instant payments are catching on with workers and business owners as traditional practices become retired. In technology, financial institutions (FIs) and corporates are tapping into application program interfaces (APIs) to keep pace with rapid-fire business-to-business (B2B) payments. And, in retail, 7-Eleven is experimenting with beer and cider delivery in select markets, while online hotel booking platform Splitty Travel recently raised funds in a Series A round. All this, Today In Data.


300: Number of APIs the average organization manages.

75 percent: Share of surveyed consumers who prefer faster payments.

$34.3 billion: Projected value of global real-time compensation over the next five years.

18: Number of U.S. markets in which 7-Eleven is testing beer and cider delivery.

$6.75 million: Amount that eCommerce hotel booking site Splitty Travel notched in a Series A round.