Today In Data

The Rise Of Faster Disbursements

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with real-time disbursements amid the rise of solutions that enable payments to be delivered shortly after they are authorized. In addition, the problem of fraudulent tax returns could keep growing as digital processes come to the tax-filing-and-return space. And Grab is moving from a ride-hailing firm to a mobile financial services powerhouse, while SugarMoo is delivering desserts on demand in Dubai. All this, Today In Data.


2014: The year dessert delivery on-demand business SugarMoo was founded.

$172 billion: The value of peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers consumers made via their bank accounts in 2018.

67 percent: The share of Australian citizens expected to use real-time payments by 2023.

10: The number of countries in the region in which Grab operates.

$1.6 billion: The amount of theft, at a minimum, caused by fraudulent tax returns in 2016.