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The Future Of Mobile Order-Ahead

The Future Of Mobile Order-Ahead

Mobile order-ahead is on the rise, as new players enter the delivery scene and voice assistants take hold. In automated retail, merchants are updating their sales models with new takes on vending machines and delivery approaches. And, in earnings news, Starbucks reported better-than-expected financial results for the third quarter. All this, Today in Data.


818: Number of postal codes that will be offered by Waitrose’s in-home delivery services.

90 percent: Share of consumers who are unwilling to wait more than 10 minutes for mobile orders.

35 percent: Share of surveyed U.S. air travelers who are interested in self-checkout retail at airports.

$6.82 billion: Starbucks’ third-quarter 2019 revenue.

3.1 billion: Number of restaurant visits driven by mobile order-ahead apps.