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How Payments Factor Into The Growing Gig Economy

CA Senate To Rule On Gig Economy Law This Week

The gig world is becoming a mainstream part of the economy, and workers are pursuing specialized jobs in the space. Last month, the all-in-one platform for solo entrepreneurs HoneyBook announced a Series C round. In retail, RADARs inventory technology could significantly shape the store experience. And the vacancy rate of community shopping centers in Q1 was unchanged from Q4 of 2018. All this, Today In Data.



500: Approximate number of square feet covered by RADAR RFID sensors.

38.4 percent: Share of non-seasonal gig workers who sourced their gigs through digital marketplaces.

$28 million: Amount of funding HoneyBook raised in a Series C round led by Citi Ventures.

19.4 percent: Share of gig workers who were not employed outside the gig economy.

10.2 percent: Vacancy rate of community shopping centers in the first quarter.