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How Merchants Navigate Tax Collection Complexity With Technology  

Navigating Tax Collection With Technology

eCommerce firms are navigating a tax collection environment that increasingly requires technology and automation to ensure compliance. In corporate payments news, Citi is tapping into application programming interface (API) calls to make treasury ops real-time. And, in retail, The North Face is offering outdoorsy experiential retail in the city, while PUMA brought its first-ever North American flagship store to New York. All this, Today in Data.


8,000: Square footage of The North Face’s recently opened store in Soho.

2018: The year of the Supreme Court decision in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case.

$659BEstimated potential value of U.S. eCommerce sales in 2020.

160 feet: Amount of wraparound frontage of PUMA’s new experiential retail store in New York.

157 million: Minimum number of API calls the CitiConnect platform has processed since its launch.