Today In Data

Mobile Card Services In Consumers’ Daily Lives

Consumers are looking to their smartphones to manage their money with the help of mobile card services (MCS) in 2019. In other news, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands such as Procter & Gamble (P&G) are rolling out laundry services as consumers outsource this chore. And Domino’s revenue increased in the fourth quarter year over year, though lower-than-expected same-store sales growth was reportedly a reason for a post-earnings stock decline. All this, Today In Data.



$190.6 million: The fourth quarter revenue of Domino’s, which was up 21.4 percent year over year.

125: Number of net U.S. locations that Domino’s added in the fourth quarter.

92.4 percent: Portion of MCS users without financial dependents who use MCS with their primary cards.

49 percent: Share of MCS users who said spending limits make it easier to manage their money.

26 million: Number of American households that already outsource their laundry per P&G.