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Rising To Meet New Risks That Come With New Opportunities

New Risks That Come With New Opportunities

The scope of the massive digitization projects driving the economy can be hard to contain in a single thought. From easier access to placing wagers, to smart hotel rooms that anticipate your needs before you articulate them, to the parade of on-demand services, the myriad of upgrades to consumers’ lives seem countless. But with upgraded services often come upgraded risks and unknowns that can be hard to see clearly, let alone adapt to.


$1.4 trillion: Total income derived from the gig economy in 2018.

327 million: Number of guests whose information was stolen in the Marriott breach.

90 percent: Share of sports bets that will be placed online via a mobile device by the end of the decade.

18: Number of months set aside for SCA implementation.

10: Number of states that have passed online sports betting regulations since 2010.