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Reinventing Commerce – Even When It Won’t Cooperate 

Reinventing Commerce – Even When It Won’t Cooperate

The world is full of innovative options – but as the old expression goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Sometimes a segment is slow to innovate for complex reasons. Sometimes regulations are well-intended leaden weights. Sometimes customers’ needs are specialized and difficult to fully capture. And some innovations just need a little more time on the drawing board. No matter the roadblock, the direction doesn’t change – but the time it takes to reach the destination can always get longer.


$3B: Total value of B2B eCommerce transactions.

$250,000 - $1M: Pre-Uber value of a taxi medallion.

51%: Share of consumers who know what restaurant they want to order from when doing a Google search for food.

22: Number of countries left in the Libra consortium.

0: Number of taxi medallions sold in San Francisco since 2016.