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Helping Money Make The World Go ‘Round

Helping Money Make The World Go ‘Round

Money, as the song goes, makes the world go ‘round – and these days, there is a lot of money going all around the world. The question, for an increasing number of payment players, is how to get it there faster and make it easier to access. And, if possible, how to make that faster movement cheaper and more secure.  It’s a tall order – but one that is surprisingly being filled, in ways expected and not.


$80 trillion: Amount sent globally via wire transfers or between bank accounts

$26 billion: Estimated value of the mPOS market in 2018

15%: Estimated global CAGR of the global wearable electronics market from 2018 to 2023

7%: What most customers can expect to pay in fees on a $200 remittance sent cross-border

2%-3%: Estimated annual growth of the online gambling market