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Approaches To Rent And Reopening During The Pandemic

Approaches To Rent, Reopening During Pandemic

Rent is due again, and revenue is marginal for nonessential retail, but landlords appear to be making accommodations even as they feel the pressure amid the pandemic. And retailers are taking reopening guidelines into their own hands in the absence of clear federal government direction, with Kroger sharing a COVID-19 reopening playbook. All this, Today in Data.


170: Number of office and retail tenants from which the Empire State Realty Trust received requests for rent deferrals.

136.6M: Number of consumers who reported on April 11 that they shopped less often than before the outbreak.

69%: Share of total April rent charges that the Empire State Realty Trust collected as of April 20.

36: Number of hours it took for Kroger to develop its Blueprint for Business.

19.7M: Number of consumers who said they would not go back to shopping for groceries in stores after the pandemic.