PYMNTS MonitorEdge May 2024

Uber Expands Safety and Earning Features on Driver App

Uber driver with app

Uber is adding several features related to safety, navigation and earning to its app for drivers.

“Today we’re announcing improvements to the Uber Driver app, while also making earning on Uber safer and fairer,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a Monday (Nov. 13) blog post.

One notable feature introduced by Uber is the expansion of the Record My Ride pilot program to drivers using iOS in a dozen U.S. cities, according to the post. This feature allows drivers to record video of their trips using their smartphone’s front-facing camera, eliminating the need for a separate dashcam. These encrypted recordings are stored directly on drivers’ devices, promoting safety and facilitating the resolution of any incidents that may occur during a trip.

Uber is also prioritizing rider verification to enhance driver peace of mind, the post said. Starting next year, Uber will significantly expand the verification process by cross-referencing rider account details against trusted data sources or an ID document. This additional layer of verification complements the existing process for riders using certain anonymous payment methods.

To improve the overall app experience for drivers, Uber has added a tool that shows couriers nearby free parking options, per the post. Additionally, Uber has redesigned trip requests, providing clearer information such as map labels specifying the exact drop-off location and sometimes even photos of the building.

Uber has also introduced changes to the account deactivation process to make earning on the platform fairer for drivers, according to the post. The expanded in-app Review Center empowers drivers and couriers to understand why their account was deactivated, request an additional review, and provide any additional information, such as audio or video recordings.

In an effort to protect drivers from false allegations and unfair ratings, Uber has implemented new systems that disregard reports made solely to obtain a refund, the post said. These reports will not count toward drivers’ ratings or contribute to potential deactivation decisions.

Furthermore, Uber is extending support to drivers falsely accused of drug-impaired driving, per the post. Through a nationwide partnership with LabCorp, drivers at risk of permanent deactivation for drug-impaired driving can take a drug test, with Uber covering the cost regardless of the outcome.

Drivers continue to flock to the Uber platform because of the flexibility and income boost that driving across various verticals on the platform give them, Khosrowshahi said on Nov. 1 during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

The number of drivers in the U.S. has about 80% recovered versus 2019 and the number of monthly active riders now exceeds that year’s levels, Khosrowshahi added.