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Digital Approaches To Commerce And Disbursements

Digital Approaches To Commerce And Disbursements

The pandemic has broken the inertia connected with conducting business mostly in the physical world, activating the transition to a mostly digital-first way of life. Consumers who have made the shift will need an equally formidable force to move them completely away from the digital habits they have developed. And instant disbursements can help firms close the payout choice gap as COVID-19 accelerates the shift toward digital commerce. All this, Today in Data.


12K: Minimum number of physical retail establishments that have closed permanently so far in 2020.

371: Number of days before the typical U.S. consumer will be comfortable fully engaging in the physical world.

104M: Approximate count of Americans who have become “digital shifters.”

38%: Portion of microbusinesses that have payment choice for insurance, lending and product-related payments.

20%: Minimum share of consumers who would be more likely to keep doing business with payors who allowed them to use voice commands.