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Driving Innovation In Digital Commerce, Gig Retailing And Mall Redevelopment 

Innovation In eCommerce, Gig Retailing And Malls

The vicious cycle of physical retail is meeting the virtuous cycle of digital, at a time when companies are aiming to chart a course toward a future that is without precedent. In retail, merchants need to enter a new kind of gig economy that can be called “gig retailing.” And in real estate, developers are turning part of a shopping center near Seattle into an apartment complex, as the future of malls is debated in boardrooms and decided by foot traffic. All this, Today in Data.


2019: Launch year of Empathy Wines, which was recently purchased by Constellation Brands.

300: Number of units of Avalon Alderwood Place, to be located near Seattle.

90%: Share of Constellation Brands’ sales that come from physical establishments today.

50%: Minimum portion of future sales that Nike CEO John Donahoe plans to drive through digital channels.

42%: Share of U.S. consumers who have transitioned to digital channels to engage in activities more often than pre-pandemic.