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Reopening The Economy Following COVID-19 Restrictions

Reopening The Economy Following COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 has taken an unprecedented toll on the livelihoods and wellness of consumers. But many policymakers are making a push to lift the restrictions that were put into place to slow the contagion’s spread in hopes of reviving the economy. Texas, in one case, has been one of the most aggressive and controversial states for reopening. All this, Today in Data.


32,332: Number of Texans who have tested positive for the coronavirus as of May 4.

2,047: Number of American consumers PYMNTS surveyed to learn how their lives have changed since the outbreak.

225: Number of days consumers expect it to take before their lives return to normal.

31.5%: Portion of employed consumers who have gone online to work.

25.6%: Share of consumers who are not at all interested in leaving their homes.