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The Digitally Reshaping Market 

The Digitally Reshaping Market

In a world gone digital, consumers have changed, forcing those who serve them to modify nearly every interaction. When physical options are shut down, only those who go digital can stay in the game. By the numbers, one can track the consumer’s nearly overnight transition in how they shopsend moneyuse cash and spend their free time. As businesses scramble to digitize what they can and reshape what has to stay physical, opportunities abound – as do challenges in staying up-to-date and secure.


$100B: Estimated value of the mobile gaming market by the end of 2020.

$3M: Amount Density saved a corporate client by determining that they could use space more efficiently rather than sign a new lease.

22K: Number of kiosks operated by Coinstar in nine countries worldwide.

80%: Share of Western Union digital customers who used the WU platform for the first time in Q2.

50: Number of Amazon businesses Thrasio has acquired to date.