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The Emergence Of Digital 3.0 Via eCommerce, Mobile  


Target has found itself perfectly positioned for the in-store essential goods that kept consumers shopping during the pandemic amid a shift in the direction of Digital 3.0. The retailer has been able to capture more than its share of eCommerce, with millions of new customers visiting its site. And mobile commerce hasn’t been a focus amid the pandemic, but apps and other use patterns are emerging as more than a little spot on the Digital 3.0 radar. All this, Today in Data.

Today in Data


260M: Number of people who connected to the mobile internet for the first time in 2019.

75%: Approximate share of all eCommerce transactions for which mobile will be responsible by 2021.

25%: Proportion of consumers who have increased their usage of third-party apps, with their primary incentives being cravings for specific types of food and low delivery costs.

10.8%: Increase in Target’s same-store sales in Q1 over 2019.

5M: Minimum number of net new customers who visited since the pandemic took hold in mid-March.