The Evolution Of Retail With Digital Innovations

 Starbucks experienced record-high loyalty participation, while drive-thru stores also performed well in the last quarter. In artificial intelligence (AI), Amazon has rolled out Alexa’s newest round of updates and functionalities, and is launching the Guard Plus home security subscription service that turns Alexa into a security guard of sorts. And in restaurants, a number of eateries have evolved their business models to capitalize on online takeout. All this, Today in Data.


$434B: Amount consumers spent on online takeout orders in 2020.

33%: Share of restaurant customers who would spend more if they were offered loyalty programs.

17%: Portion of consumers who have shopped while watching television.

$6.7B: Amount of Starbucks’ consolidated net revenues for Q1 fiscal 2021.

$4.99: Monthly cost of the Guard Plus home security subscription service.