Titus-Will Automotive Group Launches Automated Used Vehicle Website CarBreezy

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Titus-Will Automotive Group is launching a new fully online and automated pre-owned vehicle website called CarBreezy, according to a press release Monday (March 21).

Powered by Cox Automotive’s “Esntial Commerce” platform, CarBreezy enables consumers to find and purchase a pre-owned vehicle in as little as 15 minutes.

Trevor Will, general manager at Titus-Will Automotive Group, said the digital solution is launching initially in the South Puget Sound region in Washington state and shows that “online to your driveway within 72 hours is possible.”

“We look forward to offering our neighbors a completely online retail experience, backed by the customer-service excellence we have demonstrated for over 80 years at our family-owned and operated dealerships,” Will said. “By offering consumers alternatives to the traditional car shopping model our hope is a new group of buyers will support our local business.”

CarBreezy taps Cox Automotive’s Esntial Commerce technology to take customers through the car buying process quickly and easily. Typically, digital retailing solutions still require significant human interaction and engagement, which can add time and complexity to the car buying process.

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Per the release, CarBreezy allows consumers to save time while retailers save resources, streamline operations and deliver optimized profits all within a fully secured online transaction.

“True to their history of innovation and commitment to the community, Titus-Will is the first to bring Puget Sound car shoppers our state-of-the-art automotive eCommerce solution, via the CarBreezy brand,” said Paulo da Silva, vice president of digital commerce at Cox Automotive. 

“Esntial Commerce delivers unparalleled automation through our patent-pending MagiQual technology and uses Cox Automotive’s data and AI to deliver a superior experience for consumers and operational efficiency and profitability for automotive retailers,” da Silva said.