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BeyondTrucks and Samsara Team to Streamline Fleet Management

Transportation management system provider BeyondTrucks has launched a partnership with cloud platform Samsara.

The collaboration, announced Wednesday (March 13), lets clients of the two firms equip dispatchers, drivers and fleet managers with access to asset and operational data, allowing them to enhance visibility, fleet efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

“Currently, many trucking companies are faced with the challenge of their data being spread across different systems that are not connected in addition to receiving data with a significant time lag,” the companies said in a news release.

“As a result, many fleets pay for expensive integration services. With the BeyondTrucks and Samsara integration, customers can have their real-time data connected within a few clicks at no cost to set up or maintain.”

According to the release, integrated driver workflows offer fleets the ability to streamline operations without having to invest in engineering services or “bolt-on software” to create customized driver workflows. 

With the collaboration, customers of the two firms can configure their platforms with simple or complex tasks for drivers based on specific customers, commodities or locations with no added additional costs, letting fleets take service delivery and safety management to the next level without extra spending.

The partnership comes at a time when the fleet management space is — as PYMNTS wrote in February — “inching toward becoming a beacon of connectivity, serving perhaps as a road map for other sectors.”

As that report noted, trucking remains a crucial way of moving goods, with the American Trucking Association projecting late last year that tonnage will grow to 14.2 billion tons within the next decade, compared to a little more than 11 billion tons in 2023. 

“At the same time, like so many other segments of the economy, in the business-to-business (B2B) arena, paper checks and invoices dominate, with the attendant frictions in place as people wait for payments, go to the banks, and have to wait for funds to settle,” PYMNTS wrote.

These inefficiencies can lead to a cash crunch, as seen in the Visa and PYMNTS Intelligence report, “2023-2024 Growth Corporates Working Capital Index: Fleet and Mobility Edition.” Two-thirds of fleet and mobility Growth Corporates say they used working capital to cover seasonal liquidity shortfalls, invest in assets and upgrade legacy systems. And 96% of fleet and fuel companies said they expected to use a working capital solution in the next year.