Travel App Provider Ranking Lines up for Spring Flings

Travel App Ranking Lines up for Spring Flings

You can almost feel the recovery. Mask mandates falling off. Warm weather on its way.

Show of hands, who’s up for a little getaway? Oh, absolutely everyone? Good.

You’ve come to the right place, that being PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Travel Apps. We’ve scored the hottest travel apps this month as we do every month, but something about early 2022 has a lighter feel already. It’s time for travel again.

Let’s have a look at the apps making it easy and more affordable.

The Top 5

Mighty reserves the suite at No. 1 for itself alone this month. Well done.

There’s a tie for No. 2, pitting Airbnb — already so ranked — against the Hopper app, down a spot.

At No. 3 it’s Vacation Rental By Owner — Vrbo for short — up a spot from last month.

More indecision at No. 4 as the app drops one chart position, and the Skyscanner app jets up one spot to meet up.

Closing out the Top 5 is KAYAK, paddling like mad to enter the Top 5. Nice.

The Top 10

Popular TripAdvisor is up one chart position this cycle to No. 6.

Now for another tie as the FlightAware app climbs an impressive three chart positions from last month, meeting the booking engine — also up a spot — at No. 7.

PriorityPass is lounging VIP-style at No. 8 where we left it last cycle.

Returning to the ranking at No. 9 after an absence is the Couchsurfing Travel App.

Taking us on a hike out of this Provider Ranking of Travel Apps is AllTrails, dropping one chart position but staying in the Top 10. See? All that hiking pays off.