If NFC’s “Not For Commerce,” Maybe It’s For Lexus Ads?

Publisher Howard Mittman is calling the result “cutting edge.” And surely, it’s easy to believe that the ad for 2013 Lexus GS in the April issue of WIRED Magazine is the first to utilize near-field communication (NFC) technology in the magazine print space.

But are “cool” and “first of its kind” necessarily synonymous with good business? Even Brian Bolain, national marketing communications manager for Lexus, seems hesitant to say yes. He offered to speak to AdAge for an article published on Tuesday.

“We know it’s a pretty small pool, but we need to do something more interesting in print to make it a little more of an interactive experience for those people who want it,” Bolain told AdAge. Lexus estimates about 3 million smartphones in the U.S. are NFC-enabled.

Perhaps there’s a strong correlation between Wired subscribers and NFC-enabled phone users — in which case, it could be argued that Wired is the perfect platform to help NFC take off!

Do you think the guys at Isis subscribe to Wired Magazine?

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