Subscription Commerce: Fad Or Fantastic?

Just ask any Wall Street Banker, VC or CFO what they most wish for, and they’ll answer with two words: recurring revenue. But, this often hailed silver bullet of commerce has gotten a bad rap of late when applied to companies that just plain didn’t have much value to sell and then collapsed under the weight of their own subscription revenue hype.

The reality, though, is that companies new and old have benefitted from recurring revenue strategies that allow then to turn products that were one time sales into a steady stream of revenue; breathing new life into balance sheets, and even stimulating innovative product development in the process.

This webinar will give you all you need to know about turning a “one and done” sale into a valuable new financial asset for your organization. What you’ll learn is not just the latest and greatest applications of this business model but the organizational implications that go along with doing it successfully.

If you invest 40 minutes on September 9th, you’ll leave our discussion understanding: