Visa Eco Benefits Allows Consumers to See Environmental Impact of Purchases

Visa has rolled out a new set of sustainability-focused benefits intended for account issuers to be able to get cardholders more on board with green consumption habits, according to a press release emailed to PYMNTS.

Visa Eco Benefits will let Visa issuers add benefits for sustainability to Visa cardholder credit and debit policies that already exist, the release stated. Cardholders will be able to understand how their spending effects the environment. They’ll also be encouraged to adopt sustainable behaviors.

Some of the benefits include a carbon footprint calculator, which shows the estimated carbon footprint of a user’s spend; carbon offsets that allow users to improve greenhouse gas emissions impacts; rewards for sustainable behaviors; and personalized education on how customers can up their sustainable consumption, according to the release.

In addition, donations will be made available for environmental organizations when Visa cards are used, the release stated. One of the organizations is One Tree Planted, a worldwide reforestation nonprofit.

Visa Eco Benefits will be available in Europe first, according to the release. It will be launched globally next year to Visa’s clients.

“At Visa, we recognize the urgency of climate change and are committed to a new era of sustainable and inclusive economic growth,” said Visa Executive Vice President and CEO of Europe Charlotte Hogg in the release. “As an engine of global commerce, we have the opportunity to work with clients and partners around the world to help embed sustainability into the payments ecosystem and support cardholder and business choices through the transition.”

This week, Visa announced it has teamed up with Daimler Mobility in order to allow customers pay for goods and services with a fingerprint from their car.

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“We are excited to bring to life a native solution for in-car payments for the first time, together with our partner Daimler Mobility,” Antony Cahill, deputy CEO and head of European markets at Visa in Europe, said at the time.